Austin Hispanic Almanac
A Statistical Portrait of the Latino Community in Austin, Texas
  The 2020 Austin Hispanic Almanac is a 300 plus page statistical portrait of the Latino community in Austin, Texas. The publication contains 14 sections, along with various tables, graphs, and charts.  The language split of the publication is  85% English 15% Spanish.

   While the almanac uses data which is drawn from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the rest of the data comes from  current city, county, and state data bases, in some cases obtained through open records requests.  Complementing the quantitative presentations, are a series of   interviews. recuerdos, and pioneer profiles of  local Hispanics and the role they played in the development of the Latino community. The publication also contains a full index and extensive bibliography.

   This publication will prove extremely valuable to those corporations, foundations, and interest groups, both inside and outside the State of Texas who want to develop a deeper understanding of the growing Hispanic population in Austin, Texas. For local Latinos, The 2020 Austin Hispanic Almanac represents an historical snapshot of the events, elections, population changes, and participation of the community over the years. It will also allow those who are working in the area of community development to enhance the quality of their conversations by providing a quantitative foundation from which to work.

   The 2020 Austin Hispanic Almanac will enjoy wide distribution in the public schools, libraries and among the more than 158 Hispanic community organizations in the city. It will also find a wide audience with elected and appointed officials throughout the State of Texas who have an intrinsic interest in what is going on with Latinos in Austin. National distribution and marketing will be handled through a fulfillment house affiliated with Amazon.com, Borders Baker & Taylor, Barnes and Noble. 

 When people speak of the Hispanic community in Austin, Texas, what are they actually talking about? Is the "Hispanic community" a particular place in the city? Is it a set of census tracts where the majority of the residents are Mexican American? Is it a location where Spanish is spoken by those walking down the street? Where is the Hispanic community in Austin, Texas?

 Some people would say the Hispanic community is not necessarily a physical place as much as it is a "state of mind" where relationships are formed by a system of beliefs, customs, traditions and values. Some would say this state of mind is sustained by the history of those who have made their way to Austin, Texas from Mexico and other countries further South, and by those who were raised here by parents with last names such as, Garcia, Guzman, Gonzales, Martinez, Perez and Velasquez. 

 To be sure, when one speaks of "community" they are by definition referring to something that has to do with the idea of commonality, the idea of association and the idea of belonging. Whether one subscribes to the notion that community is physical or something that is a "state of mind," there is indeed a dynamic at work that is facilitating the reproduction of a culture and people who go by the labels of, Mexican American, Chicano, La Raza, Hispanic and Latino.

 This new book, The 2020 Austin Hispanic Almanac is an attempt to highlight the presence and participation of the Latino community in Austin, Texas through the use of statistical tables, graphs, charts, photographs, interviews and short narratives in English and Spanish. Where appropriate, Latinos are compared to other racial groups so as to provide a  perspective or context in which to view their participation and presence in the city. 

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