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Did you know?

The Census Bureau counted 39,399 people of Hispanic descent in 1970. In 1980, the number grew to 72,288. In 1990, the number of Hispanics living in Travis County increased to 121,699, and in 2000 there were 229,048. The 2010 Census counted 342,766 Hispanics in Travis County.   

The first Mexican American woman to run for public office in Travis County was a 32 year old mother named Edna Canino. She ran for school board in the Austin Independent School District in 1970.

Today, there are 31 Hispanics who hold elective office in Travis County.

There are more than 11,670 Hispanics currently enrolled in Austin Community College

There are more than 9,920 Hispanics currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin.

There are 745 Hispanic attorneys in Travis County

There are 189 Hispanic Firefighters in Austin, Texas

There are approximately 1,611 Hispanic teachers employed by the Austin Independent School District.

Since 1948, more than 500 Hispanics have appeared on the ballot in Travis County. (They are all listed in the almanac.)

There are 123 Hispanic music groups based in Austin, Texas

There are 10 newspapers in Travis County that target the Hispanic community.

There are 158 Hispanic community based organizations in Austin, Texas. (They are all listed in the almanac.)

These are just some of the interesting facts and figures you will find in the 2020 Austin Hispanic Almanac.